5 Uses For Your Engagement Photos

Now, I may be biased being that I’m a photographer, but engagement sessions are a must. As I talked about in my recent post covering “Why Engagement Sessions Are A Must”, there are endless reasons why. One of them being, you can use the photos for so many things.

So, in today’s post, I wanted to cover some of the ways you can utilize your engagement photos not only for your wedding but for years and years to come. It is such a special and fleeting season of life that deserves to be captured and honored. You’ll want to remember it all. You’ll want to have tangible memories of it to look back on and show your kids one day. Here’s how you can continue to honor that season once you have your photos in hand!


01. Save The Dates

First and foremost, you can use them for your save the dates and invitations! This is yet another sweet piece you can hold onto for years to come and is sure to be appreciated by your loved ones. Invitations and save the dates can be pretty without photos of course, but you have to admit that pictures just add a little something.

02. Wedding Website

Another great way to use your engagement photos is by plastering them allll over your wedding website! This is sure to liven up your site and add the needed personal touch that’s needed for a wedding website.

03. Social Media

The most obvious one, but not one to be overlooked: social media. This is a great way to share moments of the day with family and friends who were not able to attend. Your engagement photos are also great to use for posts that are intended to update about your wedding or announce it!

04. Guest Boook

Guest books are always such a sweet touch to any wedding day. Adding engagement photos inside of them is a great way to liven up the book and make signing it more enjoyable for your guests. It is also, yet another amazing way to capsulate memories.

05. Hang Them On Your Walls

And, of course, you can hang them on your walls. This serves as a constant reminder of your impending wedding day and the love you have for your partner. Plus, hanging photos in your home always makes it feel all the more homey!



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