What To Wear: Engagement Session

So, you’ve found your photographer and have a date set to take some photos, but now you’re freaking out- wondering what to wear to your engagement shoot?
If so, then you are in the right place!
An engagement session is such a fun adventure in which we get to capture the unique and beautiful love that you two share. These are photos that might be used for your save the dates or to line the walls of your first home. They will be a keepsake for you to have forever and maybe even to show your kids one day.
With these photos being so important, choosing the right outfit can feel like a lot of pressure. But don’t worry, by the end of this post, you will have a clear idea of what exactly to wear!


Let’s start by talking about style. In terms of how dressy to get, you can’t go wrong. You can wear distressed jeans and keep it casual or a dress and suit to keep it formal. Take into account what the weather will be like and the time of year. Comfort is key – so if it is cold outside, be sure to be bundled up! If it is fall time and you are wanting to incorporate that into the shoot, warm fall colors, blankets, scarfs and flannel are always a good idea!
I always say to my couples, “look at your house, what colors do you see?” plan your outfits around that! If your house is neutral tones, maybe avoid crazy colors – be sure to be you!
Some things to avoid: Unless you’re going for a very specific look, stay away from large logos and graphic tees. You want your photos to look like an engagement session and not an ad for a clothing company. Also, while black can be slimming, it is a good idea to avoid a black shirt as the camera can pick up dust or hair that might end up on your shirt.


Choose something that will make you feel comfortable and confident. If you wear something that you do not feel comfortable in, that feeling can translate into the photos and hold your personality from showing through- we don’t want that!
Consider your body type when picking out your outfit. Think about what will flatter you, not what flatters the model in the magazine or online. If you are a curvy queen, choose something that comes in at the waist! If you want to hide your arms, wear a cardigan or an item with three-quarter sleeves.
What articles of clothing is your go-to? Is it a pair of high waisted jeans and a comfortable crop top? Or do you live in comfortable linen overalls or dresses? If you want to see more examples of what to wear, click here to check out my Pinterest Board full of outfit ideas.


While you want to coordinate your outfit with your partner’s outfit, you don’t want to completely match them. In other words, the goal is to make sure that you both look like you are going to the same place – if one of you is in patterns, maybe solids for the other. Or if you both wear patterns, make sure they coordinate.
If you are wanting to get dressed up, your partner should avoid wearing distressed jeans or a basic tee. Have accents in your partner’s outfit that corresponds with your outfit. It is always a good idea to come prepared so setting out your outfits a night or two before can be helpful! Click here to check out Jess + Hatties Engagement shoot if you want more inspiration on how to complement each other’s outfits!



If you are wanting to have different looks, it is a good idea to wear something you can switch up. Wearing a cardigan or jacket that you can take off halfway through is a great example of this.
Alternatively, if you want to bring multiple outfits to the shoot, that is a great idea as well. You can bring outfits that give a more casual feel, keep it dressy, or both! I love to offer the opportunity for an outfit change halfway through the session to get a few different looks and feels while maximizing our time together. Warning: You may need to change in your car, depending on where we are shooting! Just be prepared for that adventure, and don’t worry, I will stand guard!
Grab a hat, scarf, or other accessories to play with – maybe you want a blanket to sit on? Bring it! Want your pet in some photos, bring that puppy!



The most important thing above all else is to be yourself. Wear something that is reflective of you and your personality. If you are goofy and laid back, go with a casual look. If you are fun and bubbly, choose a fun outfit with color. If you are calm and reserved, go with something that is more relaxed and neutral. While it is easy to get caught up in aesthetics and what everyone else is doing, be sure to stay true to yourself.
What it all comes down to is to be the best version of yourself.


Now ladies, let’s chat makeup! Like we talked about before, two very important elements are to ensure you are comfortable and to be yourself. So, if you don’t normally wear makeup and don’t feel comfortable in it, go with light makeup! Something simple like a concealer to hide any imperfections + mascara and some lipstick is perfect.
A lot of my brides choose to get their hair and makeup professionally done for their session. It is a great opportunity for you to test out a hair and makeup artist for your wedding day! If you choose to do this, allow enough time before your session so that you can enjoy it. If you are doing it yourself, it’s a good idea to do a trial run before your session to avoid any stress and have a clear picture of how you’d like your makeup to be.
Pro tip: Avoid super dark eye looks, it creates hard shadows and hides your beautiful eyes! Go simple, but don’t skip makeup – you can definitely see more with a camera!


Remember to have fun at your shoot! Try not to worry about how you look and focus on being in the moment with your partner and being yourself. It is more than okay to feel nervous. My job is to direct you in a way that helps you relax, feel natural, and be your own true comfortable selves in front of my lens. Don’t worry about practicing poses or studying Pinterest pins. I lean towards giving you directions that create movement. Death to the prom poses, I capture life, fun adventures, and candid moments.
Remember, you will have so much fun and it’s such a great time to create memories that you will treasure forever.
If you have any questions about hair, makeup, or outfits, message your photographer and ask for help! I personally LOVE when a couple reaches out with outfit ideas. I can help narrow down outfits that 1. fit their personality and 2. work with the location/time of year.
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Also, what was your favorite tip from this post? Let me know in the comments below!

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