Why You Should Have An Unplugged Ceremony

For a lot of us, our wedding day is something we fantasize about for years, or even, our whole lives. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime day full of bliss celebrating the bond you have with your person and walking into forever with them. So much money is spent on this day. So much time and care. With your big day approaching, there is a lot to consider. There are many small aspects you can implement to make the day run smoother and be more catered to you.

One of these being, an unplugged ceremony which is a fancy way of saying no phones or electronics are allowed out during the ceremony. There are endless benefits to implementing this on your wedding day. Here’s why!


01. Fewer Distractions

You (and especially your guests) will have fewer distractions. Taking away the thing that we all seem to not be able to go longer than 30 minutes without will make a big difference. While it’s likely people won’t be scrolling twitter as you walk down the aisle, we all admittedly, have the habit of obsessively checking our phones for notifications. Having an unplugged ceremony will mitigate this distraction and keep the focus on the momentous occasion that is your wedding day.


02. No Interruptions

Oh, how we despise those ringtones going off during big events. If you are having a large wedding, no matter how careful people are, a ringtone is bound to go off. And, the last thing you want is to be interrupted by a text message notification as you are saying your vows with tears in your eyes and completely in the moment.

03. Save The Posting To You

Let’s be honest, we want to be the ones to share the big moments of our day first. Chances are, you don’t want your mother-in-law posting a photo of your first kiss before you have the chance to live out the day. Keeping phones off-limits takes away the possibility of someone posting those intimate moments to social media before you can.


04. Easier On Your Photographer

As a photographer, I can attest to this one myself. There is nothing worse than having to edit out a ton of hands and screens out of the air or aisle when putting together a wedding gallery. No phones means no elements distracting away from your photos and countless hours saved for your photographer.


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