Should I Elope?

It is no secret that 2020 has been a wild ride for all of us. It has uprooted our lives, canceled countless travel plans, and forced us to live life a lot differently than how we lived it a year ago.
With all of these changes and disruptions, we have been pushed towards finding a new way of doing things. Whether you are considering eloping due to the current state of the world or it’s the route you’ve always dreamed about taking, here is why taking the road less traveled can be a blessing in disguise.



As was covered in “The Guide To A Stress-Free Wedding”, wedding planning is known to be stressful. While there are definitely ways to minimize stress, nothing can make it melt away like deciding to elope can. There are many fewer people, details, and costs to worry about. Less moving parts and elements to coordinate. More time and energy brought back to living in the moment and celebrating your love.
Your wedding day is meant to be one of the most special and memorable days of your life, not one that brings you a headache.


The intimacy and adventure that eloping provides is unmatched. It is exciting to do something different and stray from tradition. It creates such a unique story that is true to you and the love that you two share.
With fewer people there, it allows you two to really zero in on each other and slow down. An added bonus: if you are someone who gets uncomfortable around crowds and likes to avoid the spotlight at all costs, this is a great way to take the anxiety away and be in the moment.



One of the biggest selling points that come with choosing to elope is, you guessed it, the money.
Trading out a big ceremony with an intimate elopement can not only save you money, but it also allows more of the finances to go to your dream honeymoon! Splurge on a trip to Europe instead of a venue. Check a place off your bucket list in place of vendor costs.
You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to create memories that you will never forget. And you can still hire a photographer to capture those memories for you. Click here and I can do just that for you. 😉



As I am sure you have noticed, everything is simplified when it comes to eloping. You can hike up and get married on a mountaintop. You can say your vows along the water.
You can have your ceremony as adventurous, intimate, and as unique to you as you want. You will have the freedom to decide where and how you want your ceremony without worrying about if grandma can make the hike or what that one relative will say if you do it a certain way.


The best part: the incredible breathtaking photos.
Whether you want to get eloped on a sandy beach while the waves crash in the distance or under huge majestic trees deep in the Forrest, the pictures are bound to be amazing. Another bonus to eloping is you can still have that big reception (at a later date!) without the pressure of it being your wedding day – an excuse to get all dressed up again and celebrate (in a bigger setting) the people who love you ✨
Have you thought about eloping? pros/cons? Mountain or beach? What’s your dream? Share below, let’s chat elopements!


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